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🌟 Introducing JumpStart by SecondHalf Fitness: Your 8-Week Roadmap to Lifelong Vitality! 🌟


Embrace your later years with a purpose-driven plan! SecondHalf Fitness is thrilled to launch JumpStart—a specialized eight-week program tailored to your unique fitness needs and lifestyle aspirations. Master the art of active aging with our exclusive mix of fitness training, lifestyle coaching, and a weekly curriculum aimed at helping you stay active, engaged, and fabulous—for LIFE!

👥 JumpStart is Ideal for Adults in their 50's, 60's 70's & 80+ Who Are:

  • Sedentary but Eager: Looking for expert guidance to make every move count.

  • Fitness Newbies: Craving expertise to supercharge their newfound exercise routines.

  • Gym Veterans: Yearning to rekindle their passion for an active lifestyle.

  • Ready for a Revamp: Wanting to refine their workout strategies for their current age and condition.

  • Mindset Movers: Looking to shift from outdated exercise habits to an approach that fits today's life.

  • New Chapter Heroes: Bouncing back from physical/medical challenges like injuries, surgeries, or cancer.


👨‍⚕️ Why JumpStart?

Benefit from eight weekly, 60-minute virtual fitness and coaching sessions custom designed to drastically elevate the quality of your life—starting NOW!  Your coach will be with you every step of the way offering expert instruction, guidance and motivation to keep you focused and on track. 


🏋️‍♀️ With JumpStart, You'll:

  • Choose your areas of focus, define your fitness goals and craft your roadmap to ensure your success.

  • Build and ensure a solid exercise foundation by mastering foundational and functional movements.

  • Gain confidence in toggling between different exercise intensities...low, moderate and high. 

  • Learn to exercise safely and mindfully—no matter where you are.

  • Adopt a pro-aging mindset and reformulate life-enhancing habits.

  • Identify and move beyond exercise plateaus ensuring that every set, every repetition counts. 

JumpStart: Areas of Focus

📦 What's Included:

  • Comprehensive Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment & Report

  • Custom-built Strength & Flexibility Training Programs

  • Weekly Personal Training & Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Email or Text Check-ins

  • Fitness Calculations including Target Heart Rate, BMI, Body Fat, and Caloric Needs

  • Physical Activity Weekly Action Plan

  • Home Gym & Equipment Recommendations

  • Bonus: Pro-Aging Lifestyle Resources

💵 Investment: $1950

📆 **Limited Slots Available**

So, are you ready to JumpStart your second half?


Seize the day and the years ahead with SecondHalf Fitness. After all, the best time to get moving is NOW! 


Email or call (310) 242-3589 for more information and to sign up today!

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I can honestly say that I have the best "total body fitness" that I have had since I was a teenager.  I have developed a level of physical confidence that I have not had in a long time and I find this confidence spilling into all areas of my life.  

John Paul C. 

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