Passionate About Inspiring Your Greatness

Life is activity, and when we stop being active we turn away from the newness of life.

- Ernest Holmes

I’m convinced that the second half of life is our best half.  There's great power in the wisdom you've earned coupled with the ability to not sweat the small stuff.  Should you channel this power, your second half could be your most rewarding and adventurous years yet!   Let this power charge you toward a more purposeful life and your continued ability to make a contribution to the world around you.  


This is all not to discount the realities of the aging process.  Getting older can be challenging to say the least.  As we step into the decades after 50, our bodies…and minds can and will go through a host of changes.  While some things go on the upswing, others go into decline.  I'm reminded of that common phase I hear often...“things just don't work like they used to.”  How many times have you looked in the mirror and didn't quite recognize the person peering back at you.  And then there's the time you catch your reflection in a window and were convince you saw one of your parents!  I clearly remember the day I walked past a storefront and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw my father.  Then a wave of shock came over me.  For a split second I thought my father was standing right next to me.  Stopping dead in my tracks, I turned and looked fully into the mirrored glass and there my “father” stood staring back at me.  “Wow” was my first thought and the next one was "damn I’m getting old!"

I began consciously looking at this thing called aging and my relationship to it.  I made the commitment to not let aging just happen to me.  I chose to be a conscious, active and eager participant in how my second half would much as was possible. I respect that life gives us what it does. It always has.  This is the mysterious side of life where many things simply go unanswered but there a sweet spot where our wisdom, capabilities and possibility meet.  Here we get to choose how we will live in our second half. It's what I've come to know as "active aging". 

If there is one thing that we desire most as we age it is our ability to maintain our independence.  Have you found yourself saying "I want to do everything that I am doing today for as long as I possibly can"?  During assessments and coaching sessions, that is the sentence I hear more often than any other.  Without a doubt, a strong, healthy body is the foundation for maintaining our independence.  Exercise is your most effective prescription.  Maintaining your flexibility, increasing strength, building muscle, keeping balanced, improving posture and reducing joint pain are all the benefits of a commitment to exercise.  

Now that you have made the commitment to thrive in the best half of life where do you start?  I founded Second Half Fitness as the answer to that question.  The fitness industry is hyper-focued on youth. SecondHalf Fitness is hyper-focused on youthfulness.  No longer are older adults a forgotten generation.  Until now, there has been very limited resources focused on how to successfully care for the aging body.  Six pack abs and tight buns are great and all but what is also sexy is having boatloads of energy, being pain free and maintaining a high level of confidence in your ability to move freely and vigorously.  

To participate in what I call "fitness and art of aging well" can be thrilling and rewarding.  I like to refer to this time now as our adventurous second half.  Living boldly and enjoying the highest quality of life possible.  Life matters now more than ever before. Really matters.  I feel ready for it.  Do you?

Your session will happen in real time.  You will be expertly guided in a workout tailored  to your specific needs and goals. 

My unique brand of fitness training embraces a sustainable approach to fitness and health that adheres to the belief that youthfulness is life long. My programs regenerate the aging body, stimulates the mind, promote overall wellness and encourage successful living well into your later years.

I empower my clients to move beyond the status quo of what it means to age. I encourage them, and you, to choose to age on your own terms and embrace an adventurous life of increased physical and mental strength.

Together, we will design a personalized, comprehensive personalized fitness program and lifestyle plan that supports all that you wish to accomplish in your second half of life. 

  • M.S., Exercise Science and Health Promotion

  • Certified Personal Training, NASM, ACE 

  • Certificate of Personal Training, Equinox Fitness Institute

  • Certified Speed & Explosion Coach, NASE

  • CPR/AED Certified, American Heart Association

  • Named Top Ten Fitness Trainer, San Francisco Chronicle

  • Over 15 years in the fitness and wellness industry  

  • Celebrity Trainer to Viola Davis, others

  • Trainer for Dr. Phil and The Doctors television shows