We do essentially everything online, why not workout with your personal trainer?


In 2010, I began training clients online.  It all got started because a friend wanted to train with me but he lived 300 miles away. His goal was to lose weight, from training with him solely online he far exceded his go.Led by Second Half Fitness, fitness training has lunged boldly  into the 21st century with Online Personal Training!  Yes ONLINE!! Using Skype or FaceTime, your personal training sessions are LIVE, happening in real time. From the comfort of your own home sign-in online using your computer, laptop or any mobile device.  You will be expertly led through a dynamic, customized workout program using your specifically selected fitness equipment. Expect the highest level of instruction, guidance and safety. Come be intrigued, enjoy the convenience and leave in the greatest shape of your life!  

In-person training available in Los Angeles. 

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Vann Duke

Los Angeles, CA


Tel: 310-242-3589

Skype: vannduke

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