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What Clients Are Saying

My virtual clients live and work across the United States and beyond.  I have had the pleasure of building wonderful coaching and training relationships with each of them.  It’s an honor to take a lead role in the second half of their lives, guiding them toward greater health, fitness and wellbeing.  Here’s what some have to say…

Eric Verdin, Buck Institute, CEO

I have been training with Vann for 2 years, twice a week. Vann is by far, the best coach I have ever worked with. I have been impressed with his passion, his energy, his knowledge and his enthusiasm. His program is a judicious mixture of strength, cardio, stretching and endurance. But this is not all! In addition to all of these qualities, I really appreciate how much and how well Vann listens. Every session starts with a check up on goals, aches and areas of focus. Every workout is therefore highly customized to address the specific needs of the day. I have used this training for general conditioning but also to increase my stamina and endurance in karting. The results have been outstanding both in my general well being and in better track times! I could not recommend him more highly! 


Rebecca A, Mom

When I met Vann a year and a half ago I was four weeks post-knee surgery. Having been active all of my life (a gymnast from a young age through college) I was very frustrated, limping around and in a lot of pain. Since then, we’ve been training together every week. We began slowly and gradually, changing or adding to my workout as my body needed. Vann’s expertise, along with his patience and gentle “push,” have inspired me to keep going. He always meets me wherever I am, physically, mentally, and emotionally, creating a personalized workout that leaves me feeling stronger, more energetic, and mentally and emotionally balanced. I’m 58 years old, I feel great, and I plan to enjoy this quality of life for the rest of life!


Andre Haddad, Turo, CEO

Over the past year and a half, Vann helped me get in the best shape of my life right as I was turning 50. I had previously had a lot of anxiety about weight training having suffered through 2 shoulder and 2 knee surgeries over the previous 10 years. 


Vann helped me gain confidence by initially focusing on building my core, glutes, balance and posture. And as I progressively felt more confident, we expanded to heavier weights and more advanced moves and techniques. Vann helped me deal with several challenges along the way, including hernia and wrist surgeries, plus the occasional knee and shoulder pains and inflammations. 


He is very thoughtful when it comes to dealing with obstacles, keeping an optimistic and confidence inspiring outlook and philosophy. I could not be happier having Vann play this important role in my life. I not only feel better about my athletic capabilities, I also feel I have adopted a new lifestyle that provides me with a better balance and that is here to stay. Thank you Vann!


Melanie Ott, Gladstone Institute Director

“Vann is simply the best! I cannot think of a better way to spend my Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Highly experienced, motivating, fun- I love my classes with Vann.” 


Bob T & Annie A, Age 80s+, Retired - Pairs Training

We are a couple who experienced a fall in 2020..  Safe travel, both

near and far, was our goal.  To still meet this goal, we found Vann Duke,   a perfect choice:as our tandem trainer.  He slides easily into meeting our

individual needs, such as  flexibility, strength and balance.  He nudges

us forward bringing new short-focused exercises each week.  We feel that we  have made considerable progress with resuming activities we felt we can no longer do.  Moreover,  Vann’s sense of levity balanced with his professional approach and over 20 years ggexperience results in our

virtual sessions being enjoyable and productive.

Bill L & Deb G, Aged 60s & 70’s Couple

A Gift to Ourselves

We have been training online with Vann for the past two years. When COVID-19 first happened we were faced with staying at home for an extended period of time. Our first months were an unhealthy level of inactivity. We knew we had to make a change – to keep us focused on a

staying healthy in the midst of a very challenging world. We decided to set a goal together of getting into the best physical shape of our lives. Enter Vann Duke. Twice weekly, Vann has provided us with fitness goals, laser-focused exercises, hard work, consistency, and overall positivity. The results for both of us are markedly improved balance, physical strength, energy, and overall health. Not only that, but Vann also happens to be an absolute joy to work with. We recommend SecondHalf Fitness wholeheartedly.


Maria Khoury, Interior Designer

I started working with Vann right when I turned 50, and it was a very transformative experience.  He is always challenging me, he knows exactly what my body needs, and I cant believe he sees it all on zoom.  I always look forward to our training sessions as he brings in such a wonderful positive energy.  He is very personable, an awesome trainer, makes me laugh and i am convinced that he is better than therapy!

John Paul Cofey, Entrepreneur 

I have been working with Vann for about a year and a half now.  This has been a resoundingly successful and positive experience.  

When a friend suggested I try working with Vann I was initially skeptical of how well physical training could be done remotely and digitally. I was way off the mark. Vann has it down to a fine science.  

I saw and felt results quickly.  My body grew stronger and more flexible.  My ranges of motion improved incrementally.  Vann even worked on my balance which is something I had never though much about but now realize is extremely important.  

I can honestly say that I have the best "total body fitness" that I have had since I was a teenager.  I have developed a level of physical confidence that I have not had in a long time and I find this confidence spilling into all areas of my life.  

My work with Vann has given me reassurance that I can remain active, independent and strong for years to come into the later stages of my life.  This is invaluable and I look forward to working with Vann for many of these years.

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