2020 VISION!



Second Half Fitness knows that the foundation of
healthy aging is EXERCISE!
With an innovative fitness approach for people 50+, we are excited to be your guide in a decade of adventure, vitality, energy & purpose.


Online fitness training! 

Your session is personal and happens IN REAL TIME with Skype or FaceTime!


Lacking motivation? Difficult sticking to your exercise and diet? Online coaching will empower and inspire!


Don't leave aging to chance. Define it on your terms with Vann's innovative fitness & wellness programs!


Come travel with us to exotic locales for exciting fitness and wellness retreats. 

how will you LIVE YOUR SECOND HALF ?





I designed Second Half Fitness as an all-online service to meet the needs of adults 50+ everywhere! Your session will happen in real time.  You will be expertly guided in a workout tailored  to your specific needs and goals. 


My unique brand of fitness training embraces a sustainable approach to fitness and health that adheres to the belief that youthfulness is life long. My programs regenerate the aging body, stimulates the mind, promote overall wellness and encourage successful living well into your later years.

I empower my clients to move beyond the status quo of what it means to age. I encourage them, and you, to choose to age on your own terms and embrace an adventurous life of increased physical and mental strength.


Together, we will design a personalized, comprehensive personalized fitness program and lifestyle plan that supports all that you wish to accomplish in your second half of life. 


how will you meet the Physical demands of aging?


A Great Surge of Life: 

Fitness & Wellness to Supercharge Your Second Half


Bordeaux & Cognac, France! 

August 29 - September 5, 2020

My next fitness & wellness retreat will take place in the idyllic French countryside. For 8 days, 7 nights you will reside in a beautifully restored 16th century Cognac estate. Enjoy delicious healthy meals, expert fitness instruction, wellness discussions, yoga, massage, hiking, river sports, wine & cognac tasting, day trips to Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, a dip in the heated pool and of course some much needed rest and relaxation.


We will explore what it takes to enjoy an energetic, healthy and purposeful second half of life.


how will you age on your own terms ?


Vann Duke

Los Angeles, CA


Tel: 310-242-3589

Skype: vannduke


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