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Arms like Viola Davis...Secret Revealed!

Without a doubt my client, Viola Davis, has a pair of the most enviable arms in Hollywood. Several magazine articles, bloggers and style experts have taken notice. Her sculpted, toned arms have even inspired the hashtag #violadavisarms. No red carpet event is complete without an opportunity to gush over Viola's amazing body and of course her beautiful arms. At 52 years old, Viola is defying age with a shapely, toned body believed to be reserved only for those decades younger. What's her secret? Well, Vann Duke of course! Ok, I put her though her paces but Viola does all the work!

First the perfect plan...then the sweat!

As Viola's fitness trainer, I enjoy the buzz and chatter about how fit she looks. The comment I hear most often is "Wow, Viola has never looked younger and more fit!". My response is always the same...exercise, exercise, exercise. I designed a customized exercise program that carved years off of her appearance...and likely added years to her life. There are many considerations when determining the best approach and exercise prescription for an individual. Viola's program may work for you or a varied approach might work much better. Here's why a thorough and comprehensive assessment is absolutely necessary. Hiring a good personal trainer to run you through a comprehensive assessment could make all the difference in you, one and for all, reaching your fitness and life goals...and rocking red-carpet-ready arms like Viola.

Next is the work! And as you can see Viola does the work! Today, she's fit. She's strong. She's highly active. And above all, she's committed! Being a mother and wife (her greatest roles she will tell you) along with leading the hit show "How to Get Away With Murder" and turning in Oscar-winning performances, Viola still manages to keep focused on one of my true and tried motto "put exercise at the forefront of your life". The best of YOU will follow.

Really? Arms after 50?

It's true. Achieving toned arm for women over 50 can be a struggle. Triceps fat, fat that accumulates over the muscle on the back of the arms is stubborn.

I want her arms!

estion I'm most often asked is "How do I get Viola's arms?!"


youthfulness and vitality

To get Viola's arms, next to hiring her trainer extraordinaire (lol), you'll want to master one perfect exercise...PUSHUPS!! Now the program I've designed for Viola is an intricate selection and flow of exercises that ensures that she's red-carpet-ready. Her program is also designed to her specific needs, which become crucial when you step into the second half.

All things considered, the foundation for beautiful sinewy arms is the pushup.

I imagine you may be thinking to yourself "aren't pushups just a chest exercise"? Without a doubt. Pushups target your pectorals. But that's not all! Coming in to assist the up and down movement are your deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (back of the upper arm). Here's where the toning and shaping comes in. The deltoids and the triceps are smaller muscles compared to the pectorals. Their assistance in such bold movement causes them to

But I even do one!!

BONUS: For more than just arms!

The pushup really is the perfect exercise.

With pushups, there is so much more going on that meets the eye.

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