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Vann's Top Picks: Airex Balance Pad Elite

Need a little BALANCE in your life?

Considering our fast-paced lives a good dose of peace and harmony would go a long way. But how about that other kind of balance? The kind that keeps up physically upright, steady and highly engaged in your life?

In the second half, unfortunately fall become much more frequent.

“Your ability to move easily within your life with great freedom is rooted in good, sound physical balance.”

So How Is Your Balance?

Unless you've suffered a little stumble or tumble, you may not have given it much thought. As we enter the second half of life our balance can begin to decline. Therefore, as we age it becomes increasingly important that balance training becomes an integral part of your weekly exercise routine. Without being aware, you may compensate for declining balance by sitting down during certain activities when in the past you would stand or you may find that you hesitate when going up and down stairs for fear of falling.

Ready For A Challenge?

Try this: Place your hands on your hips. By lifting one foot a few inches off the ground, try standing on one leg for at least one minute. Now switch to your other leg. How'd it go? Chances are you found this task more challenging than you thought. If so, know that you are are not alone. In may initial assessment with all new clients, I find that many people are often shocked at the state of their balance. It can be very frustrating.

The Center for Disease Control reports that millions of adults over 65 fall every year. The consequences of a fall can cause serious injury and significantly impact your ability to maintain a high level of physical engagement and independence.

Know this! You can maintain and improve your balance with age!

To do so, you must regularly challenge your balance threshold by adding balance training to your weekly exercise program.

Any series of balance exercises will be greatly enhanced with the Airex Balance Pad Elite. This pad is made of closed cell foam and has a textured surface. The soft yet firm thickness creates a destabilized surface that will effectively challenge your balance as well as motor skills and mobility. You can perform an array of exercises such as single leg balance, squats, lunges or simply stand on the pad when doing exercises such as shoulder presses, bent-over rows or biceps curls.

Be balanced, be confident!

Why: Balance decreases with age and can effect your ability to maintain independence and an active lifestyle. Improve your balance and regain your confidence.

Cost: $69.25

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