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Your Path to Fitness: Tailored Training Packages

At SecondHalf Fitness, we believe in rewarding commitment to your health and fitness journey. Our training packages are designed to offer you flexibility, value, and motivation to keep you moving forward.

Base Session Rate: $150

Our base rate offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-go, allowing you to schedule sessions at your convenience.

Package Options for Additional Savings:

Vitality Boost

Sessions: 8

Rate: $145 per session

Expiration: 6 weeks from purchase

Total Savings: $40

Progressor Plan

Sessions: 12

Rate: $140 per session

Expiration: 8 weeks from purchase

Total Savings: $120

Peak Performer

Sessions: 20

Rate: $135 per session

Expiration: 12 weeks from purchase

Total Savings: $300


Exclusive "Wisdom Discount" for Clients Aged 65+

To celebrate your wisdom and commitment, enjoy additional savings corresponding to your age:

  • 65+: $60 off total package price

  • 70s: $70 off total package price

  • 80s and beyond: $80 off total package price


Invest in Your Health with SecondHalf Fitness

Our packages are designed to support your fitness goals while offering the flexibility and value you deserve. Choose the package that best fits your journey, and let’s embark on a path to wellness together.

Contact us at to schedule your sessions or for more information about our packages and discounts.

Thank You for Choosing SecondHalf Fitness – Your Partner in Lifelong Fitness!

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